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With an influx of foreclosures, abandoned homes and troubled assets, lenders are challenged with managing these properties as well as monitoring properties they suspect will fall into those categories. Twelve24 Group, LLC can simplify this daunting task with a residential occupancy inspections, condition report, cost to repair reports, repair services, renovation services and routine services.


An occupancy inspection from Twelve24 Group, LLC includes photos and a description of the property, informing our client whether a property is occupied by the mortgagee, abandoned or is in disrepair. Our inspectors can schedule a meeting with the mortgagee or simply drive-by the property to verify occupancy. All our occupancy inspections are designed to meet lender and many government requirements, such as the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and the Loan Quality Initiative (LQI).

An condition report inspection lets our clients know what condition the property is currently in. All damages to property are photo captured and a cost to repair report can be generated for the damages assessed at the property. Having this information the client can choose to repair the damages and/or have the property completely renovated giving the property a fresh new look. 

Twelve24 Group, LLC is in business to satisfy our clients needs by ensuring your peace of mind by knowing that your assets are safe, clean, secure, and ready to be rented and/or sold.

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